The Top Guide To Survival In The Path of Exile

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I believe that the new Exile to try new online games such as Path of Exile is very cool with this game. Because the game has many systems. I do not like to play other games online, this team has taken the preliminary information to know the new players to understand more. Today, we will share with you how to better play path of exile.



1. Vendor recipes

The last thing I want to talk about is the formula for selling PoE items for trade in the game PoE. This system called Vendor recipes is to sell the set to get better returns. There are many. 


2. Blood Donation Fill Mana

Blood Poison and Mana In PoE, we do not need to waste money to buy blood medicine. Do not waste the channel. And do not be afraid to fill up. In this game we will find empty bottles when taken. Every time we kill monsters, we get blood and mana in the bottle. So when we manage the monster until the blood is low.


3. Passive Skill 

It is not required to use. When your character level up, we will receive a value for the Passive Skill to 1 point, or sometimes we have a Quest Point is also the same for Passive Skill. In this game there are more than 1000. Who would have thought it would be the first time that we would be so upset? This is not to say that it is difficult to say. Focus on balance, increase defense and attack simultaneously. But who wants to get a cool way. 


4. Support Gem

There is also another type of Gem called the Support Gem or Gem that will increase the ability for a variety of gems from strength to suck blood, allowing the main skill to bounce or make a single skill. We have to use the support gem, but we have to rely on devices with Socket to connect to each other.


Removing and inserting the Gem is very easy. You need to do it to put the Gem into the weapon or armor that first need to know. Are there any gems that we need? If so, choose a free socket and the same color as the gem we want to put. Click on the gem and drag it into the socket then it is finished. Removing it is just us. The gem slides to the Gem to remove the right click.


5. Skill Gem 

Skill Gem that many have tried to know that this game does not have the skill type to us up. Because of various skills. It is stored in the form of skill Gem that we can find it without any restrictions. It is limited to flags. We can choose the wear item that has the affix to add to the status Gem required. Skill Gem when we put on the device. Skill Gem will receive EXP or EXP along with the character. When EXP is full, these gems will level up, resulting in increased strength.


6. Wearing items

The first thing that made many people puzzled that items are wearing this game can be put together all the characters. Let's get to know each other better. Items in the game will divide the level of difficulty by the color of the item name is white >> blue >> yellow >> orange is a very high difficulty, it will give status or status. Affix (optional) is even better. Some items that we drop can not be put on. If there is a message. Have not checked We need to find an item called. 


We hope that the information we bring today will help these new exiles enjoy online games, new PoE and more understanding of the system if you have more questions to ask. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe buy items cheap.

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