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Ninja is actually a fast-paced melee DPS class that need to build a third resource to work with their high harm capabilities. Ninja can minimize the cooldown of its abilities with auto-attacks. She offers deadly harm to her impressive shuriken, up close or at a range. Ninjas may also harness their Chi to produce devastating flame attacks. U4GM as a specialist tera on the web gold net page gives safe, speedy and cheap TERA gold for you.




Ahead of we speak about person pieces, I would like to mention that the recommended Crit Factor is +380. This may place your Double Reduce at a 98% crit likelihood. I personally run about +350 Crit Issue and that puts the Crit Opportunity of Double Reduce at 93.3% opportunity. Not too long ago I’ve been testing going for double Pumped Etchings on my Weapon and Gloves respectively but I produced the switch to double Energetic when Astaroth's Abyss came out. Running Double Energetic enables you to acquire, in my opinion, extra consistent DPS. Now let’s go more than person pieces of gear.


Best Stat Roll:

Increases harm by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters

Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% - Preference primarily based, usually on short fight/Harrowhold Phase four you would take Enraged Harm and Cooldown Reduction for longer fights.

Cooldown Reduction is gaining a preference for the reason that of how Smoke Bomb interacts with mechanics on Nightmare Antaroth (AAHM Final Boss)

Bottom Stat Rolls: Normal Bottom Line Rolls

Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%

Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters

Increases damage by six.9% when attacking from behind

Increases damage by 6% (take out this line when you don't have Frostmetal, Stormcry or Heroic’s Oath)



Major Stat Roll:

12% Double Cut Damage - Double Reduce is one of your principal capabilities as far as DPS breakdown goes, increases this skills’ damage will raise the DPS that you do.

10% Circle of Steel Harm - With the Awakening Patch Ninja got a buff to Circle of Steel damage, which puts it on par with Double Reduce damage. Utilizing this buffs that damage.

Bottom Stat Rolls:

Decreases harm taken by 6%

Decreases harm taken from frontal attacks by six.9%

Decreases harm taken from an enraged monster by 10%

Raises max HP by 8% (take out this line when you usually do not have Frostmetal, Stormcry or Heroic’s Oath)



Typical DPS Rolls:

Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%

Increases Power by five

Increases Crit Element by 9



Regular Rolls:

Increases Endurance by 4

Increases Movement Speed by 6%

Replenishes 2% of total MP each and every 5 seconds





You will be aiming for Quatrefoil Brooch or Marrow brooch and the rolls you will want on these are:

6 Crit Factor

3 Power



On the circlet you want to roll 8 Crit Factor


If you are unable to get these then you will want to go for a Quickcarve Brooch which will not allow you to roll Power so you’ll go for:

6 Crit Factor

4 Crit Factor



On the belt you want to roll these:

6 Crit Factor

3 Power



On the mask, you would want the Cooldown Reduction one, preferably the 3.0% one. Because this state can’t be chosen you might not get the one you need, if you don’t have the Cooldown Reduction one. Then it’ll be Crit > Power > Crit Power



For Rings you’ll be using

4 Crit Factor

4 Power


or Earrings you should be using

4% HP

4 Endurance



For innerwear, you’ll be trying to get a 20/24/28 Crit Factor. Don’t worry too much if you can’t get a top-tier innerwear off the bat, any Crit Factor innerwear is fine but as you get better gear you want to upgrade that as well.



Weapon Crystals


Regular Runs

Forceful, Focused, Savage, Bitter.


Slaying Runs

Slaying, Focused, Savage, Bitter.


Armor Crystals

Hardy, at least 1 glistening dyad is recommended but not required to keep your mana up. It is most definitely useful though.



Keen Vyrsk or Powerful Vyrsk, Keen is favored because of the Crit: Power ratio on Earrings is better than on Crystals, but keep in mind the crit cap and if you’re a little over +380 or around that you can swap some Keen Vyrsk.

Core Rotation

In essence, the main rotation for Ninja is very straightforward, this is a rotation that you’ll be using many times during a boss fight. Of course depending on how the boss attacks you’ll have to change things slightly but in the end, if you can get this rotation down. You’ll be doing okay damage. However, the rotation is never set in stone because you have to react to mechanics and attacks. If you find yourself not being able to attack the boss for a moment, just keep in mind that Double Cut and Burning Heart are your main priority skills. More about Burning Heart in Chi Usage.


Jagged Path, Double Cut, Decoy Jutsu, Double Cut (if it resets), Skyfall, Circle of Steel.


You use Leaves on the Wind if you are using Double Energetic etchings, if you are using something else just Combo Attack to reduce the cooldown of your main skills.


A different version of this rotation is delaying Jagged Path until after Decoy Jutsu so that the Jagged Path Glyph is active for the now buffed Circle of Steel. If you have the attack speed (Adrenaline Rush, Rootbeer, and Brooch) you can definitely fit in the first rotation in the entire Jagged Path buff.


You use Leaves on the Wind if you are using Double Energetic etchings, if you are using something else just Combo Attack to reduce the cooldown of your main skills.



Essential Facts and Strategies


  • Prioritize DC

This ability is consistent harm and low animation time meaning you are able to use it typically anytime (preferably use it after you can get the back crit.)


  • Circle of Steel without the need of Skyfall Powerlink

It is most effective to utilize Circle of Steel without the Powerlink only in case you see the boss is about to engage, or about to turn and you’re confident you could get complete back harm in time.


  • Burning Heart

Make an effort to use Burning Heart whenever you have around 800+ chi, it’s not the worst actor on the planet to go just a little more than 1000 chi, but given that most ninjas go double energetic you are able to probably be secure with working with your chi at about 800-900 considering the fact that you may be creating chi a good deal quicker.


  • Decoy Jutsu iFrame

Decoy Jutsu is, in reality, an iframe, the only challenge could be the invulnerability is significantly shorter than your other frames. The timing is often a tiny shorter than a mystic jaunt iframe, but when you obtain oneself in a tight bind and magically out of all iframes (believe it or not I’ve had it take place) you'll be able to use it to save yourself.

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