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It’s not common for Gladiators to wield a shield. Plus, it’s not usual for shield skills to be a core offensive skill. Nevertheless, despite being a not-so-common setup, the Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator works, thanks to the updates the game received in Patch 3.2. Yes, it works perfectly and awesomely. Today, we share with you about that how to use Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator.



Passive Skill Tree and Core Skills

For the core skill, Spectral Shield Throw, have it with the following support gems: Brutality to increase significantly physical damage, Fork to split projectiles, Physical Projectile Attack Damage, and Empower and Faster Attacks. For your aura/curse setup, have Vulnerability with Blasphemy. For an additional curse on hit setup, have Orb of Storms and Vulnerability with Curse on Hit support gem.


For your Cast When Damage Taken setup, have Vaal Haste, Blood Rage, and Immortal Call. For utility, have Stone Golem with Culling Strike and Ancestral Protector. Lastly, for mobility, have Shield Charge with Fortify and Faster Attacks support.


Build Summary

The Soul Taker Spectral Shield Throw Blood Slushy Gladiator is a really fun active playstyle build capable of mapping all the way to Tier 16 with Boss kills, Atziri / Uber Atziri viable, Red Elder, and Shaper viable.



We are using pure Physical & Bleed damage delivered with Spectral Shield Throw for both mob clearing and single target. Our clear speed is augmented with Bleed Explosions through the Gladiator Ascendancy Gratuitous Violence passive and Spirit Burst through the use of a Lightpoacher Helm. We use two very fast and flexible movement skills Shield Charge and Leap Slam to quickly navigate any terrain.



We are using a multilayered defense setup with high Armour (50%+ mitigation), high Evasion (50%+ evade chance), and high Block & Spell Block (50%+ Block & Spell Block). Our moderate chance to gain Phasing (14%+) keeps us very elusive and smooth moving during mapping. We are also applying Maim, Chill, and Blind to our enemies to greatly reduce their speed and chance to hit.


Who said shields are meant to defend? With the Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator, you’ll be an offensive powerhouse. More Path of Exile news please keep eyes on U4gm which would devote to offer amounts of cheap poe items online.

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