New Triple Blade Spectral Throw Effect Comes To PoE

Path Of Exile Date: Apr/25/18 14:28:24 Views: 244
In Path of Exile, do you want to create a ninja-themed look for your character? Now is a great opportunity. The new Triple Blade Spectral Throw Effect released by GGG will look just right with the Pitch Black Armour Set, Pitch Black Bandana, Black Hooded Cloak and Purple Weapon Effect. 
The new Triple Blade Spectral Throw Effect replaces the existing effect of this skill with deadly sharp blades surrounded by a black and purple aura, this new effect might be the one that will finally complete your outfit.
1. Pitch Black Armour Pack: Preview Contains the Pitch Black Body Armour, Helmet, Boots, Gloves and Bandana armour skins and the Pitch Black Bandana Attachment, at a discounted price.
2. Pitch Black Bandana Bundle: Preview Contains the Pitch Black Bandana Skin and Pitch Black Bandana Attachment.
3. Black Hooded Cloak: Preview Adds a Black Hooded Cloak to your body armour.
FB is fine for bosses if you build melee and it clears fine, because the dmg from the proj is a % of the overall. Add in 2 of the unique gems for it gives the project enough 'speed' where it will push it out past edge of screen. 
If you go all proj dmg. all you have is over clear dmg. It 1 shots trash with melee and is fine on cold crit kills. I'm using it fine, very few deaths all the way up the T16's. Finally, don't forget Sale Cheap POE Currency, POE Orbs, POE Items.
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