Lost Ark Guide: Alaric's Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon Raid

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Alaric's Sanctuary is the final stage in the Lost Ark Gate of Paradise Abyssal Dungeon, and here's how to complete it. After going through the Idle Sea Petrification syllable and headbutting against the Wipe mechanic in Tranquil Karkosa.


Lost Ark Guide: Alaric


The last level of this 960 minimum level abyss dungeon is the most challenging and mechanically tricky of the three. Although unfortunately, it does not get easier. With that in mind, let's look at all the complex systems that players need to know to get through Lost Ark's final level 2 Abyss dungeon with ease.




Section 1: Defeat the Attacking Deep-Sea Creatures


First, there is a checkpoint where the group must wait before splitting into two different groups.


This is followed by a long mob-clearing section with lots of jumping, waiting for the other side to catch up to you, or interacting with the turtle shell (where did the turtle go?). And finally, there is a long path to a different gate for each group, which leads them to separate arenas for Belloc or Sarachiel. It's nice that this is not just another repurposed dungeon of the main story quest and that there is even a chain of side quests associated with passing it, but this does not make these sections something special. more enjoyable.



Section 2: Nightmare Incarnate Belloc & Arcane Witch Sariel


This is actually the to start with "Duo" Boss since the Wraith Legion's Rook and Bishop came back while in the Warlord's Hall, but Sariel and Belloc are much more difficult. There are three essential mechanics to remember in this fight: Separate Arenas, Golden Cloud, and Sarachiel's infection system. 


Divided Arenas

This concept of a simultaneous battle between two small teams is becoming more common in the far reaches of the Lost Ark endgame, especially in games like Argos. In this fight, a group of 8 splits into two groups of four, one group against Belloc and the other against Sarachiel. Players fighting Belloc need to focus on surviving and DPS while maintaining their O2 Meter, as many of Belloc's attacks deplete O2 or prevent players from getting more Lost Ark oxygen. In comparison, players competing against Sarahiel also focus on DPS and survival and keep an eye on their debuffs for Sarahiel's infection mechanic.


Golden cloud erasing mechanic

With about 15 health bars left, Witch of Charm triggers this mechanic by teleporting to Belloc's arena and starting to charge up her Wipe Attack. While this is happening, the group left in the Sarachiel hall will notice that many inky black clouds have formed. Ignore these clouds and look for the golden one. As soon as any players discover the Lost Ark Golden Cloud, immediately mark it and try to break it as quickly as possible while avoiding breakage. Inky clouds (since they inflict a dark debuff on the party ).


After the Golden Cloud is broken, a portal to the Belloc Arena will also appear at the bottom of the map. Pass through this portal as soon as possible. Upon arriving at the Belloc arena, the person with the Golden Aura must either stand perfectly still so that everyone can collide with his Aura, or he must move to a predetermined position that the group agreed upon before the start of the battle. Once all eight people are in this Golden Aura, they will be utterly immune to any damage until Sarachiel's Erasing Attack (visualized as a wave of poisonous energy) ends.


Anyone who didn't make it to Aura in time is also instantly killed. Belloc will begin using his Body Slam and Shockwave attacks on repeat, forcing players to defeat Sarahiel first. After she left, Belloc comes back down and triggers that Golden Cloud mechanic again. Fortunately, all eight players can chase the Golden Cloud this time, and there is still no need to take the teleporter. Stand from the Golden Aura again, watch for Belloc to finish his Eraser assault, and get for the finish of this tough Boss battle.


Sarahiel Infection

Once Sarachiel drops to the last ten health bars, she will infect a random player. As long as it's active on someone, they'll have a purple icon between their HP and O2, easing over their Hotbar, and they'll start losing a percentage of their health each time. Give me a sec. After 10 seconds, this infection will be transferred to another random ally or canceled entirely if the player with the active disease is currently in any of Saraiel's poisonous hazards.


Normal attacks

Belloc is more complicated to fight than Sarahiel, but they both have a decent amount of regular attacks, such as:


We recommend that you familiarize yourself with other guides to popular tattoo-mall.ru games. Let's talk about the secrets and tricks that you can use in games to your advantage. 


Boss use Name of the attack Description
Saraiel Poisonous Dangers Saraiel creates poisonous hazards on the ground throughout the fight that deal constant damage and also remove the infected debuff.
Sarahiel Water explosion Without creating any telegraph, Saraiel fires a stream of water into a cone in front of him, dealing minor damage and stunning those hit.
Poison Thorns Saraiel Saraiel quickly creates and sends them out fan-first.
Saraiel Summon Water Spheres Saraiel summons four water spheres that fly in all four diagonal directions, randomly releasing poisonous spikes.
Belloc Body Slam hock wave Belloc jumps off-screen and creates a red telegraph on the ground where it crashes. On impact, Belloc's attack creates a large yellow telegraph circle, with the safe zones outside the circle or inside where Belloc landed. Once filled, the yellow telegraph creates a watery shockwave that depletes O2
Belloc Slam & Four-Piece Shockwave Like the Body Slam, Belloc floats upwards (but this time off-screen), flounders a bit, and then falls back onto the red telegraph he created. Four fast-filling yellow telegraphs are then called out and explode in a cross formation around his point of impact.
Bellock Forward strikes Belloc performs a forward common slam with either hand, sometimes combined with a Body Slam move or multiple punches.



Section 3: Defeat the Guardian of the Ocean

Alaric's Sanctuary's second mob clearing section is mainly similar to the first, with more constantly spawning mobs, a few giant octopus tentacles, and some elite creatures. But the last part is a little different, as players are faced with the Guardian of the Ocean, who has a health bar like a boss, but the community doesn't consider him as such. Whole. However, for players to know what to look out for, Ocean Guardian has plenty of tricks, such as:


  • Multiple attacks as she charges through makeshift ocean currents moving across the arena.
  • A few normal horizontal swings and strikes.
  • A spinning attack followed by several water orb projectiles sent out in all directions before being sucked back into it.


And that's it, honestly. This mini-boss can take a while because players will have to chase her as she moves around the arena too much.



Section 4: Alaric's Wrath

Next comes the battle against Alaric's Wrath, also known as Alaric's Water Elemental. This giant body of water is a nice change of pace as it takes up the entire arena, and players move across it from the left side. And immediately rotates the camera. Alaric's Wrath genuinely only has a single mechanic to concern yourself with. Naturally, the most vital mechanic could be the Pillar Destroy system, and Freeze Break is often a sound introduction to the several freeze attacks the authentic Alaric uses.


Crucial Mechanic Description Pillar Destruction Clearing this mechanic could be the only actual technique to beat Alaric's Wrath. Failure to destroy one of the four pillars in the arena at any time results in immediate destruction, so players need to know how this works. Put:

  • Alaric's Wrath usually activates this system after losing about four HP bars.
  • When activated, all players gain a red aura around their feet. Seven out of eight players get a large red circle that deals damage and knocks up anyone who enters its area of ​​effect, The Red Arrow player is undoubtedly the core of this mechanic. The moment they know they can be a Red Arrow player, they need to run and stand on top rated amongst the four pillars from your arena as rapidly as is possible.
  • The Red Arrow player is the core of this mechanic. As soon as they know they can be a Red Arrow player, they need to run and stand on top of among the four pillars of the arena as quickly as possible.
  • Soon after, Alaric's Wrath attacks that player, dealing significant damage to them and destroying the Pillar they were standing in.
  • Once this is done, Alaric's Wrath will be stunned for a sufficient amount of time before continuing the fight.


A circle in which the Red Arrows can move freely. The only thing players have to be careful of for the four times (maximum) this mechanic is triggered to stay away from the player with the red arrow. As a general rule, other players with large red circles immediately move to the outer edges of the arena between the columns, leaving enough room to walk inside the inner edge of the arena. Even if two players with more Aura have to cross paths and hurt each other for the Red Arrow to get to the Pillar, it's worth it. Because the Pillars are becoming destroyed, they can get into place as immediately as you possibly can.


Freeze Weakening: A mechanism that is easy to ignore and helps players understand some of Alaric's attacks. Just after dropping under 10 bars of HP, Alaric's Wrath starts applying Freeze Debuff on hit. With five stacks of this easing, gamers make an aura about them that rapidly disappears, freezing close by celebration members and leaving them open to massive damage. Don't forget how inconvenient this is, because it will develop into essential within the last fight.


Normal attacks

Alaric's Wrath is a giant opponent, so there are many places in the arena where you can avoid attacks that are too obvious:


Punch & Rotation

The boss slams down with both hands, one on each side of the arena. He then rotates his arms on the ground, dealing severe damage to anyone hit and pushing them along. Players can be hit by this a few times, so it's best to follow the arms clockwise to avoid them, similar to Najar's Blood Beams on Wailing Road.


Summon Tornado

After a short delay, the tornadoes move to the arena's edges before disappearing. There is a small space between them, but it is more than enough for the player character to pass through.


Chest Beam

The Boss builds up energy in his chest before firing his "laser Water." it is under high pressure and revolves around the arena. On a hit, players take significant damage and are also knocked up. Luckily, it shows you where the laser will hit ahead of time with red telegraphs, so make sure you're in the safe zones.


General beats and Slams

Finally, Alaric's Wrath has several subtle attacks that mostly boil down to "punch" and "swipe".



Final Section: Alaric

This Poseidon-like Guardian has many connections to the lore and is one of the hardest Abyss dungeon bosses to date (although not the hardest overall). It has two different clearing mechanics, one with safe zones and the other with a stagger check. In addition, he also has Freeze Orbs and Freeze Debuffs. Orb Destruction section of his Stupefy Check, which bears some resemblance to the Way of Lamentation's Kyzra and all of his standard attacks on top of everything else:


Up Arrow Attack

This is the "core" of the Wipe Attack that Alaric uses (apparently every 90 seconds or so ). The other is just the failure state of his stun check, but both have very similar startup animations. To see the difference between preparing for these two attacks and sending your Trident flying around with a golden trail of light is Wipe Attack.


If he spins the Trident before crashing into the ground, it's a stagger check. In any case, this wipe mechanic is meant to understand exactly where the assigned safe zones are, and this wants to get mentioned or established ahead of going into combat. Insofar as the fight with Alaric takes place immediately after Alaric's Wrath without interruption, most players either assign these places before the second mob clearing section or immediately vote to restart when Alaric starts in order. To set it up. Immediately after it commences, Alaric will generate eight safe zones through the entire arena.


Every protected zone has an extremely small area by which it may spawn but is incomplete. You can find eight "areas" roughly inside the shape of an "Arrow Up". Five safe zones occupy the top half of the up arrow, and three of them make up the bottom half of the vertical line. To tie this to the clock alternatively, you'll find harmless zones which can be 9 o'clock, ten o'clock, 12 o'clock, one o'clock, three o'clock, two at 6 o'clock.


The latter is near the Boss in the center of the scene (i.e., where the two "hands" of the clock should be). If you're not too lazy to lead the positioning in the Battle Workshop before the fight, use the Battle Workshop "circle" as a makeshift arena model and mark all eight places where the safe zones will appear. The rest of the raid group must then select one of these pings and stand on them, stating they will go there when a data deletion attack occurs.


Reel Check & Sphere Destruction

This is another mechanic that can happen when Alaric teleports to the center of the arena. Luckily, this is more reliable, as Alaric always does this at 28 and 12 HP. Aura, blood effects appear on the sides of the screen, and a Gauge appears below it. To pass this stunning check completely, players have two tasks:


  • They must empty Alaric's stagger gauge as quickly as possible. It's more difficult, so save all those daze skills beforehand.
  • Once the stun gauge is empty, the group will need to run outside the ice aura and break all the golden orbs, slowly moving towards the center. Each Orb that touches the icy Aura darkens the majority of the screen. With blood effects. If the blood effects almost reach the center of the screen, it's most likely an erase.


The parties tend to use the same common area assigned to their safe zone for the Up Arrow Attack as their "zone" to clear the golden orbs, which usually works pretty well. Nevertheless, it needs to be noted that you can find two unique types of golden spheres: completely golden and slightly larger, with a white "Core".


  • Full Golden Orbs: Break a couple of hits and move faster than White Core Orbs.
  • White Orb Core: Do not break at all, but rather have the invisible wobbly rods that cause them to sink into the ground when exhausted. Sleep Bombs are often used as a substitute if they are also hard to stun.


Freezing Spheres

This Aura freezes everyone inside if the Orb naturally explodes, but it is completely nullified if a party member bites the bullet by voluntarily bumping into the Orb. The point here is that the Freeze Orb is always in the very center of the Ice Aura, making it easier to spot. And fortunately, if the player uses their combat skill (i.e., dash, roll, etc.) to face Orb Freezing, it completely negates the lack of freezing for a short time.


Freeze Weakening

This will work substantially the same way in managing Alaric's Wrath. The vast majority of Alaric's attacks inflict this Freeze Debuff, and when the player reaches five stacks, they see an ice-filled aura around them. This Aura pops up after a second or two, freezing allies caught inside for a long time. So, any ally who notices this Aura around them runs to the edge of the arena away from everyone else until the Aura disappears and then joins the fight again.


Normal attacks

As if the group's many different wipe mechanics and status effects aren't enough, Alaric also has a fairly large set of regular attacks that players should be aware of:


Exploding Orb Challenge

Not so much an attack as a permanent effect. If shattered by Alaric, the orbs quickly explode, dealing heavy damage to anyone caught in them.


Waves in Captivity

Alaric raises his Trident above his head and spins it before unleashing two water shockwaves in short succession. None of them deal any damage, but two random party members end up in jail after the second wave. The Boss then begins a long swing to throw his Trident at one of the imprisoned allies. Party members should attack these allies as quickly as possible to free them, as Trident Throw can easily 1-hit KO some less tanky classes.


Trident Lightning

The Boss spins his Trident directly before firing several lightning bolts from the spinning Trident that deal moderate damage per hit. Luckily, this attack is easy to dodge and has a long animation so players can wail the Boss while he uses this attack.


Triple jump

Alaric performs a trident jumping strike three times, targeting a different player. This attack is fast, deals serious damage, and is hard to read, so be prepared to dodge at any moment.


General Sweeps & Slashes

Like Alaric's Wrath, Alaric has various attacks that boil down to basic trident strikes, stabs, or slashes. They all deal low damage and usually only stun on impact.

While these are not all of Alaric's abilities (as many of his basic attacks are hard to see and even understand), these are the most commonly used attacks he uses.



Recommended Combat Items Engravings

Since this is the last level 2 Abyss Dungeon, it only makes sense that it is also one of those with a lot of viable consumables, right? Which is a good thing, as Smilegate is finally incentivizing the use of combat items in their Battle Pass missions. Either way, here are the recommended options:


  • HP Potions are the (hopefully) obvious choice. We also recommend using Elemental HP Potions, as they restore more health and can be used seven times instead of the usual five.
  • Whirlwind Grenades for Alaric's Shock Check.
  • Panacea or Holy Enchantment for Freeze Debuffs used by Alaric and Alaric's Wrath.
  • Stop time potions to protect against the attack of Alaric's Wrath to break the column without care.
  • Dark grenades are always "useful to bring" consumable after this point of loss of Final Ark content.
  • And of course, as always, players should already have a lot of Lost Ark Skill Point Potions and their Raid Class Customization according to their Gear, Cut Ability Gem, Engravings, and Accessories.
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