Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Guide: Oreha Preveza

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Lost Ark has a lot of endgame content, including Abyss Dungeons - huge dungeons where you have to team up with other players to defeat many challenging bosses. To get more weapons, and more Lost Ark Gold. Tier 3 Abyss Dungeons include Aira's Oculus and Nut Well, both set in the Punica continent.

To participate in Oreha Preveza, you need to be level 3 and item level 1325. However, the dungeon is recommended for item-level 1340 and above. If your item level is between 1325 and 1340, your attacks will be blocked, and you will take more damage, so it's not recommended to participate unless you have someone who can carry you.

Head to the Abyss Dungeon instance on your main continent and select Oreha Preveza from the Tier 3 content. Once you enter Oreha Preveza, you'll have to go through a difficult map to get to the end, with bosses along the way.



First boss

Fire phase

The first boss is a strong boss with many damaging abilities but doesn't have complex mechanics. Use Stagger Damage to disable him and remove the 20% attack buff, and try to defeat him as quickly as possible. In this fight, he has several phases: the normal phase and the fire phase.

When this boss is in the Fire Phase, a small water circle will form around the boss, and a large fire will spread around the circle. Anyone standing outside the circle will receive the Burn debuff, which will damage you if you let it stack too high. Entering the water circle will clear stacks of the Burn debuff. Move-in and out of the circle to dodge attacks and remove the Scorch debuff.


Spin attack

The boss has a deadly spin attack that deals massive damage to anyone inside the spin. This spin attack delivers a powerful finishing blow that can be dodged if everyone is outside the spin area. The spin stuns you after three hits, but you can dash into the first two of them when you get caught.



In his normal phase, the boss will summon totems that damage him or increase his defense. You can destroy these totems to remove these buffs, but you will end up in jail shortly after the totem is destroyed. The allies must release you after you are imprisoned.



Second boss

Albion is the second boss and has multiple phases. Phase Earth, Lightning, and Fury. When the battle begins, he will start randomly in either the Earth or Lightning phases. In Hardmode, he defaults to starting his Enraged phase.

Albion has a daze check in normal mode that you can interrupt with daze damage. If you succeed, Albion will switch to another phase. (He switches to Earth if he started with Lightning and vice versa.) If you fail, he will enter "Furious" mode. Most parties prefer to skip the Stagger check, as the required Stagger Damage is high.

After that, Albion has two different special phases depending on his mode. If in Earth Mode, if enough time passes, it will enter the Memory Phase. At this stage, you must memorize certain attack patterns and move to safe places. In the Thunder phase, you must get to a safe place in the center of the map, dodging lightning strikes and orbs along the way. (In the Thunder phase, all players must reach a safe circle, even if one is dead! If this phase starts with a dead ally, you will always be destroyed.)


Stellar phase

This phase starts at x12 HP. Albion will become invincible and fly to the center of the map. From here, twelve circles with crenellations will appear with 4, 6, or 8 stars above them. One of these stars will also appear over Albion. It would help if you went to a circle with the same pattern above Albion.


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