Killing Monsters in Aqua Road

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Aqua Road located in the continent of Oaayia and is an underwater area. If you want to come to there, be sure that your level is 30 and the above. Why you’d better reaches level 30 when you want to get there? As a comparatively low-leveled player you will pass through Orbis Tower on your way to your destination and it is uneasy to kill monsters there. But for those maplers who have reached level 30 or the above, they can kill many monsters there. One of the first low-leveled monsters that you can attack is Pinboom, whose level is 22, is a small sea-urchin. When you are a stranger in this land, you can attack this monster first. There are also other choices for you like Cicle, Krappi, and Ciro. Cicle is a monster of level 23, which also labeled as Seacle in Maple Global. It is also easy for newcomers to kill Krappi and Ciro for Krappi is level 24 and Ciro is level 25. Besides, there are two types of Ciro—Ciro(monster) and Ciro(ITCG Card). Bubble Fish (level 28) and Flowerfish (level 29), in my mind, are lovely monsters. Bubble Fish can swim around the screen quickly and happily while Flowerfish move slowly and sadly. They have completely different emotions. When you adapt to this land, you can kill Krip and Mask Fish. Krip has two types— Krip (monster) and Krip (ITCC Card). Mask Fish is an interesting fish and it will come towards you if you attack their allies. Because of no magic powers, you can attack them easily when you are in certain levels. The higher your level is, the more monsters that you can choose to kill. Scuba Pepe and Jr.Seal are both level 36. When you killed Scuba Pepe, you can pick up Star Earrings and some other equipment. You can make about 120 mesos after you killed a Jr.Seal. So you are intend to make many mesos, you can simply attack this creature. If your level reaches 42, you can kill Freezer. Once your level is 43, Sparker is available for you to attack. There are also some high-leveled mosters in this area, such as, Goby, Squid, Shark and Cold Shark. Those monsters are difficult to attack, so if you are about to kill them, you should sure that you have made full preparations. Pianus, the boss in this land, can summon Bloodboom and it can shoot a huge laser, drop boxes from the top, shoot beams from the ground, and can activate Super Defense UP, which decreases melee and ranged attack damages to 1 for a while. The cave it is enclosed in does not allow you to swim upward. Most of the monsters are weak in Poison and lightening, so you take advantage of it to kill more monsters. Wanna killing more monsters, go to Aqua Road at once! When you come across difficulties, you can turn to maplestoryer for help. Our professional gamers will help you.
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