Hermit Guides in Maplestory

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Hermits has good ranger attacking and they have plenty of support and attacking skills. Besides, they are able to use Shadow Partner, a skill that will mimics your attacks when you kill monsters. Let me introduce it to you in detail. If you want to use this skill, you need to have a Summon Rock, which costs you 6000 mesos. But this skill can double the amount of stars you throw and raise your damage every time you attack. I suggest you use it when attack monsters. Does this skill sound powerful? The result is obvious. Also, if you want to level up when you become a Hermit, I will introduce some training places to you. The Forest of Golem is quite suitable for a beginning Hermit. You can kill Zombies there and your exp will increase. If you want to train at Voodoo, it is acceptable. You can also choose to train at Gyrphon. When your level reaches 80 or the above, more places will be offered to you. Just keep in mind that the higher your level up, the more places you are able to go. At that time, you can go to Death Teddies. Meanwhile, you can train at Aqua Road to attack Spirit Vikings and Squids. Once your level arrives at 90 and the above, you can train at Headless Horseman or you can still stay at your past training places. If you want to level up quickly, come to maplestoryer.
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