An Archer in Maple Island

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Many players prefer to be a member of the bowmen class, because bowmen are sharp, accurate and do a great deal of damage. They have very long attacking range and have great mob skills. As a beginner, archer is the first job. Like every class, beginning Archers start out on Maple Island, in front of the Training Camp. There are a number of quests to do that serve to orient first time players to the game. Once you left the Training Camp, you wouldn’t go back to that place again. After leaving the starting area, players are given free roam on the island. The strongest monster is Orange Mushroom, which can be hazardous. Fortunately, beginners don’t lose EXP when they die. To do some quests, try traveling to Amherst, where simple quests can be fulfilled to get items. In addition, it is advisable not to use potions on Maple Island, as there is no penalty for dying. If health is needed, you’d better try finding a safe place to sit down and wait a few seconds to recover. For a beginning archer, stay on Maple Island until level 10, as it provides a comfortable and relatively secure training environment. Once you want to leave Maple Island, you should pay 150 mesos for Shanks in Southperry. But you should keep in mind that it is impossible to go back to Maple Island when you leave that place. If you haven’t finished all quests, they are permanently unfinished. So try you best to finish all the quests before you leave Maple Island. If you have any difficulties in finishing these quests, maplestoryer will give you a hand.
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