3.2.3b Patch Notes Has Been Announced In PoE

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In Path of Exile, do you know the 3.2.3b patch notes has been released? Next, u4gm will explain to you in detail what has been fixed in 3.2.3b.
You can no longer use the instance manager to create multiple instances of the Templar Laboratory. You can no longer use the map device in the Chamber of Sins Level 1 in Act 7 to open Maps.
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Yugul, Reflection of Terror could become stuck midair while jumping into one of his pools, and become immune to damage has been fixed. Fixed a bug where players could be unable to return to Farrul, First of the Plains' arena if they logged out after creating a town portal while being teleported back to the arena.
Fixed a bug where Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows could continue moving to different corners after she should be dead.Fixed a bug where Totems, Traps and Mines were able to gain Tailwind.
The "Debuffs on you expire x% faster while affected by Haste" mod actually caused debuffs to expire slower has been fixed. Fixed a bug where throwing a net was counted as using a skill. This caused issues for players using Lightpoacher when trying to capture beasts.
Bestiary monsters with multiple forms left a mini-map icon for each form when dead has been fixed. Fixed a bug where the Lighthouse Remains hideout decoration did not block players.
Fixed a bug where the Bestiary tab was visible in Standard league if you had died in Hardcore Bestiary. Fixed a client crash. Fixed six instance crashes.
It's worth mentioning that while this is pretty much universally regarded as a good thing when it comes to people's health and sanity snapshotting flashback league mechanics, it does also make Elder rings an even stronger and more necessary part of a shaped atlas.
Previously you could snapshot elder on your shaped map and open multiple instances of it with elder influence, with only minimal overhead adjusting elder influence every so often. Now you have to run a non-elder shaped map every other map at least, which makes Elder rings and their perma-influence even better.
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